Construction Management



Meridian Group has decades of experience in construction management including hospitality, industrial, commercial, and multi-family real estate projects. This breadth of experience enables Meridian to assist in the evaluation of prospective developments as well as with tenant or capital improvements at existing properties. Meridian is able to work independently or in concert with the property owner or tenant’s team to identify and obtain proposals from multiple qualified vendors for each stage of a construction project, including designers, engineers, and contractors. Meridian teams with the project designers to assist in obtaining all necessary entitlements, including in-depth environmental analyses when required, Project scope can be as simple as basic office modifications to full ground-up developments requiring extensive entitlement work.


Eh-Natl-450x253EH National Bank – Beverly Hills, CA 

Meridian Group provided construction management services for EH National Bank in Beverly Hills, California

Hotel Shangri-La – Santa Monica, CA

Meridian Group provided construction management and asset managementservices for Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica, California.